Why Mixed Easy Water Reviews Making It Difficult For Some Consumers To Decide


Undecided consumers who look to Easy Water reviews to help them decide if they should buy one will probably end up being more confused than they were before they started looking. The companies promoting the gadget swear by its ability to soften water, remove old scale buildup, prevent new buildup and make skin feel cleaner, among other things.

Reading forums however one will find literally hundreds Easy Water reviews that are in disagreements both with the manufacturer’s claims and those of the promoting companies. By comparison, a few customer reviews suggest that the instrument works to at least remove existing buildup and even fewer argue that it works in its entirety.

What is an EasyWater System?The Easy Water system is pitched on the official site as a “water conditioner” that changes the physical composition of the minerals so that they do not become scale buildups. It is purported to be beneficial to the environment, eliminate the need for salt or other chemicals and requires no maintenance. It is also supposed to preserve the essential minerals as it removes the unwanted ones and is portable.

How it works:

To install, persons are simply required to wrap the system’s signal wire around the pipe, which should be PEX, PVC or copper. It should work by releasing electronic frequencies that will pass through the pipe resulting in “molecular agitation”. It is this process that gives the promised results.

The mixed Easy Water reviews:

The problem is there are too many ambiguities, and professionals in the field of water chemistry seem to disagree with the notion that the technology behind Easy Water works. In fact, the actual science behind the system is still being questioned. There are not enough verified, independent studies or Easy Water reviews to support its claims and besides its promoters, there seems to be no company that can back its effectiveness.

Consumer Easy Water reviews are mixed but more seem to be negative. On the one hand the forums are filled with professionals who rely on their understanding of water chemistry and the technology behind traditional water softening systems, persons who do not own one but are skeptical as well as persons who are simply looking for answers.

On the other hand, there are consumer Easy Water reviews that can’t seem to agree on how well or how much it works. What is clear is that the results may take some time to present themselves. According to these reviews the average time for results seems to be one to four weeks. Persons who are pleased with it cite reduced scale buildup in dishwashers, around their pipes as well as feeling cleaner after showering.

A few reviews from actual consumers revealed that the hardness of their water worsened in the initial stages but were advised by the company that this was due to the system removing the buildup already in the pipes. An improvement was eventually noticed. Some Easy Water reviews note a visible improvement in buildup but no or little change in the hardness of the water while other have reverted to their old softener with no visible improvement in anything.

Based on the Easy Water Reviews the company has a way to go before it earns the full confidence of the consumers. It offers some great advantages however the absence of certifications make it difficult for customers to confidently invest in the product. Another sore point is the lack of conclusive studies on the product.