Whole House Water Filters: Do You Need One?


Water filtration is important, especially for areas that don’t have drinkable water. While the water may look clean, examining it under the microscope will tell a different story, as there are contaminants that can endanger your health. This article takes a look at whole house water filters to help you determine whether or not to get one for your home.

Benefits of having whole house water filters

Whole house water filters are usually installed at the point of entry of the water into the home in order to cleanse the water. There are several benefits you can get should you install one of these in your home, including:

  • Clean water. The main benefit of having a water filter is that you will have clean drinking water in your own property. Chlorine, pesticides, and other contaminants will be taken out of the water, ensuring that you don’t put in substances that may be harmful to you in your body.
  • Clean water in all parts of the house. Not only will you be able to get clean water in the kitchen for drinking purposes, you can also have it in the bathrooms and the laundry room. Hard water can actually damage your hair and your skin. In contrast, clean water will not only protect your skin from being damaged, it can also help in the healing of certain skin diseases, such as dermatitis and psoriasis.
  • Not having to install separate filters. Whole house water filters are installed at the point of entry, so you don’t have to worry about installing several filters around the house just to get clean water.
  • Affordability. A lot of people don’t opt to get whole house water filters because they assume that these cost more than ordinary filters. While the asking price of whole house water filters are indeed more, these are worth the investment in the end, since you don’t have to worry about changing filters regularly.

What to consider when buying a whole house water filter

Of course, not all whole house filters are created the same. As such, you will need to be careful in choosing which filter to choose. Some of the factors you will need to consider when buying a filter for your home include:

  • Flow rate. Make sure that the filter has a good enough flow rate that it would be able to sustain and provide water for the various areas and appliances in your home, such as the faucets, washing machines, and bathrooms.
  • Filter. Make sure that the filter you buy actually has the capacity to remove the contaminants in the water, otherwise, your water filter will be nothing more than a fancy piece of decoration.
  • Cost. Finally, make sure that you have enough budget to pay for the filter that you are considering buying. No matter how good the filter is, it won’t do you any good if you can’t afford it in the first place.

Don’t risk your health and your family’s by being exposed to contaminated water. By getting a whole house water filter, you will be able to get a steady supply of clean water anywhere and anytime you’re at home.