WaterBoss Water Softener Review

WaterBoss 365 36400 Grain Water Softener big 5

Water is mainly considered by its quality and that quality is surely measured by its taste,smell and colour it have so in order to clean water and in order to enjoy a healthy life this product line is the best option. A considerable measure of minerals in water that makes it as hard water which if utilized may come about as a part of affidavit of minerals in pipeworks,sinks and china and subsequently we gladly introduce our item that will guarantee sound and clean water. This item i.e water boss 365 water conditioner is completely outlined keeping in mind the end goal to accomplish general effectiveness in a home by provding reduced design,fast regeneration,water stockpiling limit and a ton more.this item for the most part diminishes upto 90 grains every gallon and decrease iron and channel out the soil and sediments.it has been found as an answer for families who are vast in number.it has been produced in USA and has a 3 year guarantee likewise including the electronics.tank and the bureau have 10 year restricted guarantee.



This item is outlined in such a path, to the point that it has an expansive limit of 36400 grains. the bigger the limit will be, the bigger it will store the water and littler the limit will it have, the smaller it will be the stockpiling of water.

Smaller Design:

This item has a smaller configuration and it is composed in such a path, to the point that it will be effortlessly put into little places and no big surprise that still it will be making the best out of the market.


The model gives an effective time to recover and that is under 38 minutes at a chosen setting of 6 lbs.this gives an advantage that as regeneration is taking much lower time, so this model will use less measure of water.the bigger measure of time it will take to recover, the bigger measure of water it will utilize and that is ideal for the individuals who are pulled in towards their consumption of water.

Inherent Filter:

An inherent channel has been made in this system. This channel is made in such a path, to the point that it is self cleaning which makes it not quite the same as different items and obliges least measure of upkeep and customer require no stress over the cleaning and support as it do itself and making the occupation less demanding for the customers.

Positive circumstances and disadvantages:


  • It has Maximum limit
  • It has an inherent earth and residue channel.
  • Fast regeneration.
  • Silent operation.
  • Saving water.


  • It is bit expensive.

Customer Review:

The thing has been given 4.3 out of 5 stars.


This item is exceedingly prescribed to individuals as its size is reduced and effortlessly fits on little spaces whether its an old kitchen corner or some other little space and the best thing about it is less water consuming and it is not difficult to introduce and effectively maintainable.in request to accomplish full house productivity then you must have this product line in your home.