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Well hi there. I am happy you came on over to my blog and I hope you are excited to start learning about water softeners and which softener is the best choice for your home. If you are still on the fence about which softener to choose, don’t be because we have already done everything for you. Not to mention that salt water softener systems are now becoming obsolete as they are being banned in many cities and states across the country. Not only are salt free water softener systems more effective, they are also maintenance free! People who enjoy not having to maintain their system will love the hassle free softeners. If this sounds like something you may enjoy, than you are in the right place.

water softener systems

The ion make up is changed by the salt-free technology, which then makes the calcium and magnesium to lose it’s ability to form scale. So basically, when people say that salt-free water softeners don’t remove the hard water, technically they are correct. So, when you hear all the cons against salt free softeners not removing the hard water, they are basically right. Once hard water loses it’s ability to form, it basically is removed because the minerals cannot form and cannot attach to the pipes. The whole reason behind using a water softener is to remove the hard water’s ability to scale. Salt free softeners work in a different way than salt and they are designed to stop the hard water minerals ability to form. Haters of no salt systems use this argument but let’s remember that we don’t care about removing the hard water, just removing the hard water’s ability to attach, which no salt water softeners, or saltless water softeners in fact do.

In this basic salt-free comparison article, we will briefly go over the best systems on the market and why we recommend these systems. After a lot of trial and error, I have found 3 systems which seem to beat out all the competition. We will compare EvoClear water softener systems, Nelsen, and NuvoH2O and we will help you decide which company you should go with. With many different products on the market, being a consumer is often quite confusing when trying to find the best salt free system on the market. Every brand seems to market their product as the best and everyone seems to claim their’s does something that the other guys don’t. After doing some major research, we have concluded that there are 3 brands that make the top spot and only one that we can truly recommend.

water softener systems

For easy installments of $49 a month, you can own a piece of the NuvoH20 system. Easy payments seem to be the only good thing about Nuvoh20. For a monthly installment option, you get a basic system which will not last you and is very ineffective at that. I tried the Nuvo system and all I can really say about it is a pure scam and don’t buy into the hype of this system. Please please please do not go with all the hype surrounding nuvo systems based on their price plans. If you really look into how these things work, you will find out that they don’t actually do anything.To sum it up, the technology is a patented scam. I know their installment payments are alluring, but anything else about the product just sucks. Remember, Nuvo is not certified and I recommend going with an NSF certified system like EvoClear or Nelsen.

We know the system might work somewhat, but why waste money on something that just kinda works when you can have the whole cake. While being a bit better than Nuvo, Nelsen is the next option which is not that much better but just as popular. Nelsen has been known to have some shady marketing tactics and a lot of bad customer reviews. Don’t forget that Nelsen markets to be luxury and for their “luxury” purchase, you are going to pay $500 or more.

When looking at reviews and seeing that a company says things but doesn’t live up to what they say, this tells me that this is not the company that I want to go with. Basically, Nelsen is a decent softener but a horrible company. We found countless reviews of customers complaining that they had to basically buy a whole new system. Why would Nelsen do this? They are only in it for the money. What looks like a good deal is in fact a really horrible deal.

water softener systems

If a company is not upfront with me from the beginning, that is a company I want nothing to do with. Not only is this deceiving it is a straight up lie. Their site looks good, there logo looks cool, but other than that, I AINT BUYING IT.

My #1 Choice – EvoClear

I don’t recommend many brands because I want to stay unbiased within the industry but EvoClear has definitely won me over. Basically, the guys at EvoClear are totally relying on word of mouth to really make an impact with their business. Why you might ask? Because they believe in what they do and they go above and beyond to give the best product. Their systems are top notch backed by research and they are upfront about everything from their warranty to their shipping. The team at Evoclear no salt water softeners just go above and beyond to really exceed your expectations.

You have to realize that this company is a team of trained water experts and not just marketers sitting behind a computer. So far, their media has outlasted any other media I have ever gotten and all parts are working just how they are suppose to. And what they really do to win you over is they will find you an installer in your area for free. Remember, finding a legit installer isn’t easy and I could not believe that these guys would really do that for me. EvoClear is doing what they can to change the industry for the better. Basically, EvoClear isn’t looking to make a quick buck off you or try to scam you into buying a product that doesn’t work. Their honesty spoke through to me and I know it will speak through to you. With everything on the market, there is no other system that I would recommend to any of my readers.

If you even scour the web, I bet you that you will not find any negative reviews about EvoClear. Why? Because they don’t exist. EvoClear seems to be changing the way companies do business and it is why my family and I will always go EvoClear water softener systems. EvoClear has in fact been so generous to let us offer a 5% discount code for our readers. All you have to do is add the product to checkout and type in “EvoClear” without the quotes and get 5% off your entire purchase. And that about wraps it up. If you have any questions or concerns about anything, please feel free to leave a message below.