Water Softener Prices


Water softener prices can vary greatly depending on the type and size of the unit. The least expensive water softener system type is the magnetic water softener. This system can cost from $40.00 to $900.00 depending on the size and water hardness.

Magnetic water softeners use actual magnets to soften water and are mainly used in apartment building and single family homes where space is limited. The second least expensive water softener systems are salt based water softeners ranging from $300.00 to $3000.00 and can be found online or at your local hardware store. These are some of the most popular water softening systems. They also have a minimal ongoing maintenance costs that must be keep in order to work properly.

Salt free water softeners can cost between $1000.00 and $3500.00 and are popular in many households. The technology has advanced rapidly and salt fee water softeners on the market today are extremely reliable. A salt free softener is also known as a descaler.

Many customers today opt for the salt free systems because they are easier and less expensive to maintain than salt based softeners. The concern of some folks with health issues such as high blood pressure is that salt is added to the water with salt based systems. The salt free systems can use electrical currents to charge the water and prevent and or remove any scale of mineral deposits.

Several things to keep in mind when pricing the different types of water softeners is that you may have to pay for professional installation and that can range from $100 to $700 to have it done properly. You must also consider costs for supplies and monthly maintenance. Salt water softeners require salt to be added for about $200 to $300 a year. This maintenance can be done by the homeowners or it can be outsourced to a local contractor for an additional fee.

Most salt free and magnetic softeners do not have any ongoing maintenance fees. I must say that some systems that require filters must have them changed every 6-9 months. This is also something you must take into consideration and factor in your comparison. The overall factors that must be considered are cost of system, installation and maintenance, performance, which should include the application you are using it for and the benefits and results you want to achieve.

 These are the guidelines that are adhered to in order to choose the right water softener for you and your family. You have many choices and companies that provide many different alternatives and solutions to combat hard water. Make sure you review all option and features on systems when looking at water softener reviews and water softener prices.