Water Softener Buying Guide


This is a complete water softener buying guide that will help you when comparing the different features and manufacturers. We will go over the key points that must be focused on, when making a purchasing decision. We will focus on getting the best value for your money. The issues that you are having with hard water must be addressed to make sure that your family is protected from financial hardship, and in rare cases health issues that it can cause.

Whenever you shopping for a water softener system, it is recommended that you start by doing your research online. The internet has a massive amount of information that pertains to hard water solutions. The problem with going online is that it is very difficult to decipher from a reputable site, and one that is just attempting to sell you a product. We provide you with the best unbiased information on water softeners located in an organized location. There are many different online retailers that can provide you with quality products and related softener accessories, such as control valves and brine tanks, from brand name manufacturers.

Your local retail hardware store will also can a limited selection of water softener products. It will in most cases, also have a complimentary online option for purchasing and shipping. Please make sure that you speak to a store associate that is knowledgeable in water softener products, and ion exchange. Many times you will find that a water softener buying guide will help you find quality softener systems at a good price.

Dependable Water Softener System

If you are looking to purchase a system from a dependable water treatment dealer, you will find that most specialize in these types of products only. They are extremely knowledgeable in the different issues and best solutions available on the market. These dealerships can help you choose the best water softener system, and can even make sure that installation, and any needed maintenance is also addressed. The water conditioning dealerships, work with all the major water softener manufacturers to supply homeowners with quality products and service. There are some key features and water system certifications you must always be aware of, when looking to make a purchase. The Water Quality Association and the NSF are the leading testing and certification body that oversee the water industry.

  • Quality – Always look for the WQA or the NSF seal of approval. This will ensure that you are purchasing a quality product, which has been independently tested to ensure that it can withstand various conditions. You must also choose between, sodium and potassium systems. The regeneration mechanism and control valve are two of the most important parts of a water softener system.
  • Capacity – You need to make sure that the water softener system you choose is capable of treating the hard water in your home. Make sure that you understand how to measure, and calculate the Grains Per Gallon (GPG) required for your specific application.
  • Price – Make sure that any quotes and prices are provided to you in writing, and that everything that is needed is included in the pricing. You must also make sure that a warranty is included, to protect you from any malfunctions or damages.
  • Trust – Please ensure that you only buy from an established company, which will offer service and support if needed. You can always check with the BBB to check out a company’s reputation.
  • Installation – Whole house water softeners will require a professional for installation. Make sure that the price of installation is included in the total cost. Many companies already factor in the cost of installation, but always make sure you have it in writing. You may also save a substantial amount of money if you can install the system yourself.
  • Maintenance and Service – Be well informed about any ongoing maintenance or service contracts that will be required to have a fully functional system. Depending on the type of softener system, you may be better off having a certified water treatment company servicing your system.
  • Quality Products– Become familiar with the major manufacturers to have a better understanding of the water softener products. Fleck, Culligan, Clack, Pelican, GE, Kenmore, WaterBoss, Kinetico, Calgon, Watts, Marlo, RainDance, Whirlpool, and many more established companies offer superb guarantees, and an array of water conditioning products.

This guide will give you a unique advantage and level the field, when purchasing a water conditioning system. Please refer back to this guide to make sure you have this checklist at your disposal. You will find that we have the most complete online resource regarding water softeners, including this water softener buying guide.