Under Counter Cartridge Type Systems – Everything You Need to Know!


Under the counter or under the sink water purifying systems consists of mainly two types, either cartridge or reverse osmosis. We’ll be discussing the cartridge type here. These systems use a similar cartridge to the higher end countertop filters except now they are mounted under the sink and out of view. Cartridge housing either consists of high impact food grade plastic or stainless steel. Stainless steel units cost more because of both the material and the manufacturing costs involved.

Under Counter System

Faucets come with these kits and can be anywhere from a simple chrome basic faucet, clear up to a high end designer brand faucets themselves costing itself hundreds of dollars. Filter life usually is somewhere between a 500 gallons to 1000 gallons, which generally equates to a family of 4 needs for either 6 months or a year. Some even include a electronic filter life indicator (Essence brand) which tells you when to change the filter. Or do it the old fashion way and put a piece of masking tape with the date change on the filter!

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These usually come as “kits” and can be install by the average homeowner that is a bit handy or you can have your plumber do it. In either case you’ll be getting quality filtered water for pennies a gallon.

Again, look for the one or all of the “Big Three” certifications. NSF, Underwriters Laboratories , or the California Dept. of Public Health.

The Top 3 Under Counter or Sink Cartridge Filters we recommend are:

Aquasana Premium Under Counter System

Crystal Quest 8 Stage Water Filter

Essence HW-45V Under Counter Filter System