All Visitors have to produce valid Identities in order to determine their resident status.

Visitation Fees
(A day’s entrance ticket is valid for twenty-four hours per Protected Area from time of entrance)

Resident Status
Foreing ResidentsEast Africas
Protected AreaAge/ClassVisitation fees (US Dollars)
Per Person
Visitation fees (US Dollars)
Per Person
Visitation fees (Uganda Shillings)
Per Person
Category A Murchison Falls
Queen Elizabeth
Lake Mburo
Bwindi Impenetrable
Mgahinga Gorilla
Kibale NP
Kidepo Valley NP
Rwenzori Mountains
 Adult Per 24 hrs  $30 Per 24 hrs  $30 Per 24hrs  Ush 5,000
(5 – 15 years)
Per 24 hrs  $15Per 24 hrs  $15Per 24hrs  Ush 2,500

Category B

Semuliki National Park Mt. Elgon Nation Park SemlikWildlife Reserve


 Per 24 hrs  $20
Per 24 hrs  $15

 Per 24hrs  Ush3,000
(5 – 15 years)
Per 24 hrs  $10Per 24 hrs  $10Per 24hrs  Ush 1,500

Special passes (per annum) to all Protected Areas for Foreign residents and Ugandan citizens only
 Individual NA US$ 100 US$ 50
CoupleNAUS$ 150US$ 75
Family up to 4 children (up to age 15 years)NAUS$ 200US$100
Annual corporate pass (10 cards)NAUS$500US$ 400
AUTONAUS$ 40 per person

The above rates do not apply to package activities such as Mountaineering, gorilla Tracking and Chimpanzee Habituation Experience.

Special group discounts
·         More than 50 people           – 30%
·         25 – 50  people                   – 20%
·         10 – 24  people                  – 10%
·         Foreign students with valid international identity cards are allowed 25% discount on
entrance fees.

The following groups will receive free admission to protected areas:

  • All children under five years of age
  •   Students from Ugandan schools on educational trips with valid Identity Cards and a letter from the school.
  • All Honorary Wardens

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Vehicle and Boat Entry Fee per vehicle/ boat per visit

All PAs except Bwindi, Mgahinga, Rwenzori, Mt. Elgon and Kibale National park

 Foreign registered
(US $)
Uganda registered

 Motor-cycles Saloon cars              

30                      50


 Minibuses, Omni-buses, (private)

Pick–ups and 4-WD cars (private)
 Tour company vehicles Buses, and lorriesDelivery vehicles rates at UShs 10,000 per
Boats up to 15 seater (private)Launches above 15 seater (private)




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Aircraft Landing Fees

AircraftUShsUS $
Gliders, Microlights5,000 
Up to 3 seater10,000
4-6 seater25,000
7-14 seater35,000
15-20 seater50,000
21 seater and above70,000
Parking fee UShs 5,000 per day

Landing fee excludes entry fees payable by passengers. Pilots en-route do not pay if they stay for less than 2 hours.

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Ferry Crossing (Murchison Falls NP) 

Vehicle Type*Price for scheduled Crossing**
One way for transit vehicles and one day visitors resident in the park***
Light vehicles less than 2 tonnes (saloon cars, 4WD’s, Mini-buses, Pick-ups)
UShs 20,000
Meduim vehicles 2 to 5 tonnes(Pick-ups, small lorries and Omni-buses)UShs 30,000(empty)
Plus UShs 5,000(full load)
Heavy vehicles over 5 tonnes (Buses and Lorries), 5 to 10 TonnesUShs 30,000(empty)
Plus UShs 5,000(full load)
Heavy vehicles 10 to 20 TonnesUShs 30,000(empty)
Plus UShs 5,000(full load)
PassengerUShs 30,000(empty)
Plus UShs 5,000(full load)

*    Foreign and Ugandan registered vehicles
** The Paraa Ferry operates daily at the following scheduled times: 7:00 a.m., 8:00a.m., 9:00 a.m.,10:00a.m., 11:00a.m.; 12:00 p.m., 2:00 p.m.; 3:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m., 5:00 p.m., 6:00 p.m

The 7:00p.m ferry crossing is only for visitors resident in the park, not transit visitors.
***Any number of scheduled crossings per day for visitors resident in the Park.

 Note: Unscheduled crossing will be at the discretion of the Park Management at the minimum charge of UShs 100,000 or double the price of the scheduled rates per category per vehicle and person, whichever is higher.          

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 Advance booking requires 50% non-refundable payment.
A person not willing to share will be charged the full rate for the unit.

Guest Houses

Mt Elgon NP- Kapkwai
Single bedUShs 20,000
Double bedUShs 50,000


National ParkSingle
Family unit
Extra bed
Kidepo Valley National Parki) Ordinary15,00025,000
ii) Self contained30,00050,000
Queen Elezabeth NP-(Ishasha),
Lack Mburo NP- (Rwonyo)
Mt. Elgon NP- (Kapkwata/Suam)

NB: Some of the above bandas are being privatised and may soon start being under private management, which may change the booking process and rates over time. 

Student Centers/Education center (Queen Elezabeth, Murchison Falls, Lack Mburo, Mt. Elgon (Kapkwai) National Park)