Saltless Water Softener Systems


Saltless water softener systems are very popular in households who prefer a descaling solution to hard water. These systems are better referred to as descalers. The salt-free systems produce water that does not have a slimy feel to it. The correct name for these systems is salt free water conditioning systems.

Saltless water softener systems prevent minerals such as calcium and magnesium from scaling on your pipes and faucets appliances. The technology has greatly improved over the last few years and many customers are looking at salt free systems to see the benefits that can be achieved.

There are many different types of saltless water softener/conditioner systems available on the market today. Many people prefer not to purchase salt water softeners for different reasons. The alternatives are pretty comparable and can achieve similar results as ion exchange systems. Most people just want to find the best water softener for their home.

Magnetic Conditioning

This system uses magnets to pull the minerals and turns them to crystals before they scale on the pipes and appliances in the household. This actual technology has been around for many years and is used as an alternative conditioning system.

Electric Conditioning

This type of system creates an electric field which causes the minerals to crystallize and prevent them from forming on the pipes and faucets. The electric systems can sometimes be used in conjunction with magnetic systems.

Nanofiltration Filtering

This systems work like reverse osmosis systems but uses less fines membrane filters. These systems are used for drinking water and are an alternative to salt based systems. The water is filtered and the water is softened. This technology was developed to provide an alternative to other system types.

Potassium Chloride

This type of system is a great alternative to salt based systems. The system uses potassium instead of alt to soften the water. The great thing about the potassium is that humans and pets and benefit from the water produced by potassium water softer systems. The potassium is great for the environment and many people are becoming eco-friendly and prefer to take this into consideration. Many water conditioning companies and manufactures offer these systems at competitive prices.

The majority of people that have saltless water softener systems enjoy the many advantages that they produce. It is very beneficial to combine 2 of the stated technologies to produce even greater results. Hard water needs to be treated effectively to prevent the harm and damage it can cause to your household appliances. The systems are relatively maintenance free and do not take up much space in the home.  Always do your homework and see if any saltless water softener systems will suit your needs.