RM Guidelines



1. Reservations Office:
Reservations for mountaineering in RMNP shall be done at the Reservations Office at UWA headquarters in Kampala.

2. Long Term/Advance Reservations

  • Advance booking shall be allowed up to two years in advance
  • A deposit of US$50 shall be paid on the advance bookings
  • Balance of payment on advance bookings shall be made at least 30 days before the date of the start of trek. Failure to make final payments by this time will lead to cancellation of the reservations.

3. Short Term booking (less than a month in advance)
Full payment will be required for the short-term bookings

4. Visitor Category

Rates for a permit differ based on the residence status of the visitor. The three categories are non-resident, East African residents (with proof of two years residence permit). Reference can be made to the price list posted at point of sale to verify the correct fee. Visitor category will be verified at the point of sale and at check-in prior to departure for trekking.

5. Refunds/Cancellation Guidelines
The clients will be refunded the following percentages upon cancellation:

  • 0 – 4 days no refund
  • 5 – 14 days 25%
  • 15 – 30 days 75%
  • Over 30 days UWA retains $30 of the advance fee as administration cost.
  • No visitor will claim for refund if she/he fails or completes the trek in less than 7 days.
  • All refunds shall be effected at UWA Headquarters in Kampala through the Reservations Office.

6. Permits must be sold at face value, whoever sells at higher value will be penalised.

7. Primary sale of permits by individuals or tour companies anywhere is illegal. All permits MUST be sold by Uganda Wildlife Authority only.

8. Payment for Rwenzori Mountaineering permits must be made directly to Uganda Wildlife Authority.

9. Payment Terms:
The acceptable payment methods are:

  • Cash (Uganda shillings, US dollars)
  • Bank Transfers (net of the bank charges)
  • Traveller’s Cheques at prevailing exchange rate (posted at point of sale)

10. Day permits
The daily fee will be charged for a maximum of two days only, on the central circuit trail.