Installing An Under Sink Water Filter


Installing an under sink water filter is a task that you can do yourself with the proper tools and a bit of instruction or the proper skills and knowledge. When you begin the process, you will need a few key tools to assist you with the various things that need to be done. First, purchase the water filter you intend to install and any additional hardware that may be necessary. Reading the box of your water filter will tell you if you will require any additional supplies.

Under Sink Water Filter Installation

Under Sink Water Filter Installation

First, you need to turn off the cold water supply to the sink where you are installing the under sink water filter unit. After you have shut off the water supply, disconnect the copper line that leads to the faucet. This is the line where the filter will be installed. Most have a tee fitting that will attached to this line included, but if yours did not you will need to purchase it separately.

Wrap the threads of the fitting with Teflon tape to insure there will be no leaks. There will be an adapter as well to help ensure the proper fit. If using this piece, also apply the tape to those threads as well. Connect the pieces and tighten the fitting with a wrench.

Next, install the in-line shut off valve. This will be important for times when you need to replace the filter or if there is a problem with the filter at a later date. Again, make sure the fitting is tightened properly.

Now you want to attach the unit to the inside of the cabinet. Now you will remove any sprayer unit that might be attached to the sink. Or if your sink is not equipped with that additional hole, you will need to create one for the faucet to the water filter unit.

Using plumber’s putty, place a thin bead under the faucet, then set the faucet back into the hole that you have just opened. You should have a basin wrench which will allow you to tighten the faucet to the sink deck from underneath. The under sink water filter unit will provide a new faucet as well with the unit.

Next you will need to connect the lines to the sink water filter and connect the sink water filter to the faucet. Make sure you are tightening all fittings properly so that you do not have any leaks. Connect the cold water line to the under sink water filter on the inlet side, then connect the other end to the outlet side. Now you are ready to turn on the shut off valve and test for any leaks. Turn on the water filter faucet also to ensure that there are no problems with those fittings either.

Installing an under sink water filter unit can provide you with safe, filtered water every time you turn on the tap which is helpful if you live in an area of hard water or other impurities.