How to Choose a Water Filtration System


Why Whole House?

When you think of filtering water, homeowners have a few different options.  We can’t stress enough the importance of whole house filtration vs. shower filters, faucet filters, reverse osmosis (RO) systems etc.  First off, preventing lime scale is only beneficial if you remove it before it enters the home.  This is accomplished with the main water line that enters into the home. 

Another thing to consider, even if you do not have issues with hard water, is water filtration.  Only whole house filters can address the long list of contaminates like chloramine, trithalomines, VOC’s, pesticides, herbicides and hundreds of other chemicals dumped into our fresh drinking water daily that is not regularly checked by the municipal water district.  In fact, most of these municipal water districts don’t even know the names of some of these chemicals, let alone remove it. 

Small faucet filters and shower filters also are prone to “channeling”.  That is when water makes its way through the small filters; it makes its path through the “path of least resistance”.  It will form these channels that greatly reduce smaller filters ability to remove chlorine and other contaminants.   While some of these filters claim a life of 4-5 months before needing a replacement, in reality after the first few weeks of use, they are essentially useless.  These filters cannot compare to the “vortex” style tanks that are featured in our EvoClear systems.  They are resistant to channeling by maximizing the contact time with the media for the greatest reduction in contaminants. 

Finally, changing out faucet and shower filters every few months is still causing you to worry about your water.  With a whole house carbon filter, your worrying is gone.  While these filters are less expensive, the true cost of ownership after years of replacing filters every few months will add up to a couple hundred dollars a year.  By far, the best solution is going for a whole house water filter, especially if you have hard water.

Salt vs.Salt Free

When looking to remove scale formation as a result of hard water, most people consider either installing a salt based water softener or a salt free anti-scale media solution.  The salt based ion exchange process involves replacing calcium and magnesium (hard water) with sodium.  Salt free technology does not remove calcium and magnesium but simply deactivates the hardness ions eliminating their ability to “stick” and cause scale. 

Traditional salt based water softeners are quickly losing favor with homeowners as most homeowners are switching to the new salt free technology.  Salt based softeners add sodium to your water supply which is not healthy for drinking.  It also removes good minerals we need in calcium and magnesium.  Salt softeners also require constant maintenance by adding salt which becomes expensive as well as paying a monthly fee for a local dealer to maintain. 

Salt softeners are also very harmful for the environment.  Counties in California and across the United States are starting to ban the use of ion exchange water softeners, as it adds sodium to the local water supply creating havoc for local farmers and water districts to try and remove it.  More and more counties are following suit and soon (within the next 5-10 years) all ion exchange water softeners will probably be banned entirely. 

Anti-Scale or salt free technology is becoming the go to product for homeowners with hard water.  It requires no salt, no maintenance, adds no harmful chemicals and leaves in the good minerals we need.   It also does not cause the “sticky” or “slimy” feeling you get with salt based water softeners. There is simply no debate, salt free water softeners are the best choice.

Another thing to remember is that traditional salt softeners or salt free anti-scale media do not filter out chlorine or contaminants.  If you want filtration, a carbon filter is the best method.

So, How Do I Know if I Need a Filter or Softener?

There are plenty of different types of whole house filtration and water softening systems to make the decision a daunting task for some.  It is important to keep in mind, as a homeowner, what you are looking to accomplish with your water.  If you are on city water, or get your water from municipal water district then there are a couple of different things to look at. 

Hard Water

The first thing you may want to consider is water hardness.  This is the result of high amounts of calcium and magnesium creating scale.  Lime scale can cause havoc on plumbing, appliances, faucets, bathrooms and more.  Most people have some degree of hard water depending where you are located in the U.S.  Homeowners are looking for the most effective way to treat hard water.  By far, the most effective way to treat hard water is with our EvoClear salt free water softener.  Traditional salt softeners add sodium to the water while salt free does not add harmful sodium and at the same time leaves in the good minerals we need. 

The Evoclear salt free water softener also works in salt water softener banned areas.  Click here to read a recent study done by Arizona State University testing different salt free technologies. 

For homeowners that do not have high levels of chlorine and water quality is not a major issue, homeowners would want to get the EvoClear salt free water softener.  It will effectively reduce scale formation and lime scale deposits. 

Chlorine, Chemicals and Contaminants

For homeowners that are looking to remove chlorine, contaminants and chemicals that could be in the water supply as well as improve the taste and odor, the homeowner would want to go with the EvoClear whole house carbon filter.  The carbon media will improve the water to bottle water quality at every tap in your home.  The granulated carbon inside the large tanks is extremely effective in treating water and is the most sensible form of filtration recommended by the EPA. 

For Both Hard Water and Poor Quality Water

For homeowners that are not only concerned with the effects of hard water but with water quality as well, the EvoClear Filter/Softener Combo is the better system.  It is the best of both worlds as it removes scale while leaving in good minerals and the carbon filter will effectively remove contaminants and improve the overall water taste.  The combo comes with a 5-year warranty and homeowners can expect it to last much longer with proper usage.  The combo system is the overall choice system here at EvoClear and is our #1 selling system that simply cannot be beat!

So remember when choosing your water system:

Hard Water Only = EvoClear Salt Free Water Softener

Bottle Water Taste, Remove Chlorine, Plus Contaminants = EvoClear Whole House Carbon Filter

Hard Water + Bottle Water Taste, Remove Chorine & Contaminants = EvoClear Softener/Filter Combo

So, why go with EvoClear?  EvoClear’s salt free media is #1 in scale reduction (ASU study proven) and our coconut activated carbon is the highest rated for removing contaminates.   By far, the best in the industry is EvoClear.