Comprehensive list of Water Softener Parts


Water Softeners have a number of parts that help the overall system to run efficiently.

Some of these parts will often need to be replaced as they wear out or unexpectedly stop working.

Rather than replacing your water softener, you can rebuild it, re-bed it and save a significant amount of money.

Here is a common list of parts often found in whole house systems:

  • Adapter Base
  • Adapter Coupling
  • Air Disperser
  • Bracket Brine Valve
  • Brine Line Flow Control
  • Brine Pick up Tube
  • Brine Valve Piston
  • Seal for By Pass Valves
  • Cam
  • Clamp Ring
  • Top Distributor
  • Drain Line Flow
  • Drain Fitting
  • Gasket Injector Fitting
  • Gear
  • Injector Nozzle
  • Meter Cable
  • Meter Module
  • Micro Switch
  • Motor Drive
  • Oring
  • Piston
  • Power Head
  • Program Wheel
  • Timer Assembly
  • Transformer
  • Turbine Meter Assembly
  • Valve

It’s imperative that the parts you purchase are designed for your system. If you are unsure of the parts that are required for your system, you should refer to the user manual or guide. Most manufacturers will also have a contact number if you are unsure.

North Star Water Conditioning – 1-800-796-6784

Aquios Water Systems – 888-475-0343

Nuvo h2O – 855-688-6426

Aquasana – 866-662-6885

You can also visit the frequently asked questions pages on the websites above which may provide you with further information in relation to parts and processes involved in fixing your water softener.

Alternatively, you may want to check out a specialist water softener parts online wholesaler such as These guys are dedicated to provding parts and knowledge needed to help you repair and maintain your home water softener. They have a very well structured delivery service and a 90 day money back or product exchange. They have been around since the late 1990’s and, being a 100% online retailer, their overheads are minimal, which translates into cheaper prices for you. It is very important to purchase parts from a trusted source. The product manufacturers themselves can be expensive, so this is a great alternative for hard to find (and suitable) items at reasonable prices.

Once you have your replacement parts, be sure that you are confident on fitting them in order to avoid damaging your system. Again, refer to the user manuel or guide before doing anything. If you are not confident in replacing the parts, it may be best to contact a techincal support line from the manufacturer or place that you purchased the parts from. Still not sure? Have a professional come out and install it for you.

Rebuilding, fixing or maintaining your water softener system will generally be the cheaper option compared to purchasing a new one; however it needs to be done right to ensure that permanent damage doesn’t occur, but also to know that the system is running at it’s highest efficiency for effective softening, ongoing cost and enviromental reasons.

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