Choosing The Best Water Filter


Best water filter, that will depend largely on what you are looking for, from affordability to the filtration or purification of pathogens. Filters are available in many different forms and price points, but finding the right one shouldn’t be a problem with this useful guide.

Water Filtration Systems For Home

Water Filtration Systems For Home

People invest in water filters for numerous reasons, not the least of which being clearer, better-tasting water. Whether you want to improve the overall flavor of your water or you just want to filter out some of the more common contaminants, the best water filter available for you could be surprisingly affordable.

The three most common filtration systems are: pitchers, where water is poured into a container and stored elsewhere, sink-mounted models where filtering can be done on the fly, and more expensive models that are installed beneath the sink. These provide the highest quality filtration while remaining out of sight. However, it is still important to analyze your home water supply to determine what the best water filter might be.

Most filters excel at removing carbon compounds, which appear as black specks, from the water. These can add an unpleasant taste or odor to tap water and even affect the quality of food when it is used in cooking. Regardless of what type of system you opt for, the individual filters must be replaced periodically, and the cost can quickly add up if you use a lot of water. Know which kind of system is the best water filter for you before making an investment.

Where budgets are concerned, pitcher and faucet filtration systems reign supreme. Brita systems are popular and widely known, but where your dollar is concerned (not to mention your own safety), the Clear2O filtration pitcher receives high marks. The Clear2O holds up to nine cups of water (compared to the Brita Slim’s meager five) and filters out lead and other contaminants more efficiently than similarly priced competitors, making it a strong competitor for the Best Water Filter title.

Faucet-mounted water filtration systems are relatively inexpensive and can be switched from filtered to unfiltered with the press of a button. These filters still need to be replaced periodically and may require adapters to fit on some faucets, but they have the distinct advantage of delivering filtered water straight to your drinking glass (something the pitcher just can’t offer). Also like the pitcher, these filtration systems are limited in the number of contaminants they actually reduce, but they are cost-effective and may be the best water filter for you and your family.

Under-sink water filters are expensive, but have the added benefit of operating out of sight. In addition, these systems can afford to use multiple filters. If contaminants are your biggest concern and you have the money to spend, an under-sink filtration system (like Whirlpool’s Reverse Osmosis) could be the best water filter for your needs.

The best water filter is one that suits the needs of you and your budget. Some people consider it too much of an inconvenience to refill small pitchers multiple times a day, but the prohibitive cost of under-sink filtration means they will remain a viable option for some time to come. For many households, a high-capacity pitcher filter like the Pur 2-Stage Water Dispenser is the best water filter solution on the market.