Uganda is a true African birding destination. Located at the center of the continent, Uganda attracts migrants from the North and South. Uganda is the richest country for birds in Africa. It has almost half the species known on the African continent and over 10% of those recorded throughout the entire world.

Over 1,000 species of birds have been recorded to exist in the country. Some of the exciting species you will view include birds of water and land shore, birds of scrub and woodland, forest birds and birds of the open plain.

Most of our National Parks have a diversity of bird species; however, Queen ElizabethMurchison FallsBwindi Impenetrable and Semliki National Parks are the most famous for birding.

If you are a bird lover, then Uganda is the destination that will make your dream come true. Our excellent guides will add flavor to your own experience on birds. Be our dear guest!

Where to do this activity
Queen Elizabeth National Park
Murchison Falls National Park
Bwindi Impenetrable National Park
Semliki National Park
Kibale National Park