Best Water Softener


When you are dealing with hard water you want to have the best water softener available. Today we know more about the effects of hard water than ever before and technology has improved dramatically to combat hard water. Now water softener prices have become very competitive and it has made it the best time to purchase a great water softener.

Every time you look there is a newer and better water softener system on the market.  What we will do here is breakdown the pros and cons and let you make an informed decision as to the conclusions we come to. The cost of having water conditioning companies in charge of filter replacement and softening maintenance for some types of softening systems also must be taken into account.

What is the best water softener?

It all depends on the specific needs of your home or facility. It also very much depends on the hardness of the water entering your home. Health issues can also come into play with regards to high sodium content which can either benefit or affect ones health. If you are concerned on the effects of hard water while being on a low sodiu

m diet this is something to be taken in consideration.

The average family of 4 uses about 3200 GPG grains per gallon. This takes into account about 80 gallons of water used per person. The national average of water hardness in a home is 10 GPG. Most water softeners can handle this with no problem. The most frustrating thing about find the best softener is that even consumer reports does not give us a review and instead tells us there essentially all created equal. That logic is flawed so we are making and in depth report and analysis to give you the best answers.

The following are the top rated water softeners as rated by the WQA and NSF. The WQA, Water Quality association is a non for profit which performs independent studies on water softener systems. NSF international is formally known as the National Sanitation Foundation tests and certifies all water treatment products and equipment. When purchasing any softener you want to make that they are certified by one or even both organizations.

Most Popular Water Softener Brands

The most popular softer brands are recognized by most as household names. Kenmore softeners, GE water softeners and Culligan softeners are some of the most well known brands on the market.  Most Kinetico series, AquaKinetic series and Powerline series water softeners from Kinetico are certified by both WQA and NSF.  WaterBoss is another brand that has products to help combat water hardness and odor that is NSF certified. Pelican also has many different types of softeners on the market that are WQA certified. Fleck water softeners is another big name that we come across that has good reviews as far as quality. This is a big ticket purchase that should be carefully made. Just make sure that you review and compare the systems extensively to come up with the best water softener.