Best Water Softener


Water softeners conditions water by adding excessive minerals to it (which is also why their also called water conditioners). Softeners are made up of tanks with tubes that run up and down the center of it. Through this, the water goes into the tank around the top and goes down it. Here, it is collected in the distributor, which is located at the bottom of the tube or tubes. The water then goes up the distributor out of the top of the tank and out of different water appliances. What is known as ‘resin’ (known as the minerals and other hard materials in the water) goes between the inner walls of the tank and outside of the distributor tube. The water is then left feeling soft and smooth once these minerals are retracted, thus leaving nothing behind to give a slippery feeling. This can allow individuals to use less soap on both their laundry and their skin.

Picking the best water softener can be an issue as three basic types exist. The Timer Regenerated ones renew themselves based on a timer. For example, a timer could be set for once every five days. No matter how much water is used, the softener regenerates and uses no more than eight pounds of salt each time it regenerates. Timer systems are a little cheaper, but the usage of salt is the highest of the types. The Demand and Time Clock Regenerated Cabinet Style is an example of a residential timer softener.

Meter Regenerated Softeners keep track of water that an individual or several individuals use. The consumer tells the controller how many different grains of softener is, how the water is used and the individuals in the home for a reserve setting of one hundred gallons each person. The system then recycles the next morning after it thinks that it needs regeneration. Since it only does this when its necessary, it uses its salt pellets at a very efficient pace, thus making this type the most popular and possibly best water softener. The Fleck 5600 Meter Based 32K Best Water is a brand used regularly.

 credit: jnicho02

The third type are the manually regenerated systems. They don’t have any timers or meters installed on them, instead relying on the individual to regenerate it when he or she wants. This type is mostly preferred when a person has no drain to place the softener, though a garden hose can be attached. This can be taken to the drain and whenever the softener is needed to be regenerated, but only temporarily. GM Auto flow is a brand frequently purchased with this type.

It’s up to individual choice when it comes to what they believe is the best water softener. Households with a water softening system can go through several water heater systems due to salt causing corrosion towards the heating coils. However, these softeners can both reduce soap scum and produce soap suds for a better cleaning of household items, such as clothes or dishes.