Alolan Vulpix Stuffed Animal


Plush toys are increasingly popular with people of all age groups as evidenced by the likes and views they garner across social media platforms. Their adorable looks and squishy bodies make them the best cuddle buddies anyone could have. They also come in a wide variety of animal shapes ensuring that the tastes and requirements of every person are accommodated.

Are you are considering gifting your child or other loved ones a plushy but do not wish to go the usual route of buying a regular old animal stuffed toy? Is your loved one a Pokémon enthusiast? In that case, they will be thrilled to receive a Pokémon themed plushy. You should look through our range of Pokémon plushies to buy an adorable Vulpix Plush which is the perfect gift for a Pokémon nerd.

What is an Alolan Vulpix?

The Vulpix is a fantastical animal species from the Japanese animated series called Pokémon. It is usually a six-tailed fire-type fox that evolves into Ninetails when exposed to the fire stone. It has a reddish brown body with large brown eyes devoid of pupils. The tufts of hair on its head and tails are a darker shade of brown.

The Alolan Vulpix on the other hand is a regional variant of the regular Vulpix. It is a six-tailed ice-type fox and evolves into the Alolan Ninetails when exposed to the ice stone. It belongs to the mountainous region of Alola and has developed a white coat to better camouflage and adapt itself to its surroundings.

The Alolan Vulpix has a snow white body with large pale blue eyes and pointed ears with dark blue coloring inside. It has white slightly curled tufts of hair on its head and tails, which, combined with its huge eyes, lends it a cute look.

The plush toy variants of both the regular Vulpix as well as the Alolan Vulpix are the perfect cuddle buddies owing to these same adorable looks. If you have a Pokémon loving child or friend, then the Vulpix plush or an Alolan Vulpix Plush is a must have for them.

How to buy Vulpix Plush?

The Vulpix and Alolan Vulpix plush toys are a fan-favorite with Pokémon lovers and as such are available across all online stores. A simple Google search will lead you to a host of stores that sell a variety of these cute plushies. You can compare design quality, size, and price points to purchase the ideal Vulpix plush for your loved one.